Rogue Trades 


Harald Smykla is an artist who is interested in making art with an audience around him.  During July to September this year he set up his own stall at Barking Market.  For 16 days he made unexpected types of art, inviting people around him to come and take part with him or allowing them to watch from the side.   Often he used ingredients from the market, offering people a game of fruit and vegetable chess or creating customised portraits on apples or on a £5 note.  As well as offering shoppers some fun and a break from their routine, he also encouraged them to think about and talk to him about what it is to be an artist and consider that art can make everyday life more fun and more interesting. 

Harald is a German artist who has lived in London since 1988.  He is a performance and visual artist and has exhibited and performed in the UK and internationally.   He worked with his assistant Tess for his commission.  They would both like to thank the people of Barking for their friendly reception this summer. Any money raised during this commission was donated to charity; Harald and the Cultural Connectors chose to support Barking Food Bank and a donation was made of £68. 

Thanks to the team at Broadway Barking, and Cultural Connectors Richard Edgson, Cameron Murray, Joseph Obasi and David Osaghae for their support of this commission. 

Harald is represented by the gallery England & co. 

This is something so different. I have never seen anything like it before. What an amazing idea.
— Barking resident

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