Sadia Ur-Rehman working on Marks Gate


Visual artist Sadia Ur-Rehman worked on Marks Gate between May-October 2014. Her residency created partnerships with Marks Gate Community Centre and The Haven.  She created a regular tea-time Tuesdays session as well as the Marks Gate Arts Day and Marks Gate Art Festival, both of which attracted several hundred people.  She has featured a range of guest artists during her project and has supported the creation of the Marks Gate Arts Collective, a new community collective of artists and local creative people, who have been running their own activities since 2015.  A collection of photographs and short films called 'Framing Marks Gate' have been made during her residency, describing more about thecreative lives of some of the people she has met.  

Sadia secured use of an empty shop on Marks Gate for the next 6 months as a result of this activity which was shared with the Marks Gate Art Collective. Find out what is happening at The Creative Cafe here.

Thanks to Mark's Gate Art Collective, Cultural Connector Joseph Obasi, Mandeep Mahadeo from Mark's Gate Children's Centre, and all the local guest artists for their support on this project. 

This project is a breath of fresh air to the area
— Local resident, Marks Gate

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