A quick chat with the Bollywood Brass Band

On Saturday 11th July at DAGFEST (Dagenham Village 1-6pm), The Bollywood Brass Band are parading across the whole festival site, playing their unique, boisterous, funky, Bollywood inspired music to everyone.

We caught up with Mark from the band to ask a couple of quick questions in the run up to the festival.

What will your performance involve and who will like it?
Music from Bollywood films, plus ska and funk and Latin, played in the street, on brass and drums.  Everyone will like it!


How long have the Bollywood Brass Band been going, how did you form the group and why?
We’ve been going 20 years: formed to play with a wedding brass band from India at a UK festival.


What's the best gig you've ever done?
Many many highlights: playing for 10,000 people in front of the old cathedral in Barcelona – and selling about 100 CDs in 10 mins afterwards. Remember CDs?


What's the weirdest gig you've ever done?
Playing for Richard Branson and Virgin staff and passengers to dance through the Heathrow corridors and board the first Virgin flight to New Delhi.


If you weren't doing the Bollywood Brass Band, what would you be doing?
Playing in a less interesting brass band.


Please tell us three things that inspire the group.
1) Playing to make weddings joyous, on the most important day in the couple’s lives.

2) Introducing new audiences to the amazing music of Bollywood films.

3) Travelling the world – 25 countries so far, more to come!

Listen to The Bollywood Brass Band before you see them at DAGFEST: