Trampoline tactics with Max Calaf

Max Calaf is the extraordinary trampolinist featuring at Dagfest this weekend. His acrobatics and story telling have entranced thousands throughout the world. A dazzling, entertaining force, Max is performing twice at Dagfest, at 2pm and at 4:20pm. Catch him in the air (but not literally!) at the Dance Zone. We asked Max a few questions on life as a trampolinist.


What will your performance involve and who will like it?

In essence it is a circus show, performed on a trampoline. You will be seeing tricks and there is some clowning too. But there is a story that ties the show together.

It is addressed to all the audiences, the younger ones will enjoy all the silliness, objects and tricks and the adults will get more a sense of the story.


How long have you been performing on the trampoline? How did you start and why?

I started to work with it 2002 when I re-discovered it at a cricus school in Barcelona. I was a rollerblader on my teens. I loved to do jumps on a half-pipe. I guess I couldn’t let go of that feeling.


Where was the most interesting place you've performed.

In 2013 I did a show in Galway, it was the biggest crowd I ever perfomed to. 3000 people. It was incredible, I was even in the cover of the Irish Times . . . Haha!


What's the strangest gig you've ever done?

The one I can remember now was in 2012. I did my show in a town in the Netherlands, Herdemberg. It was very odd, I was perfoming in a massive square surround by shops, that were still open. It was really cold and people were not staying outside, it was also drizzling. I ended up performing for a mother and two children that stayed all the way through the end. I think they felt sorry to leave!


If you weren't a trampolinist, what would you be doing?

I wanted to be a circus performer since a very early age. I am not sure… I think I will always try to be on the circus side of things. I am also a circus teacher. For sure, not sitting in front of desk type of jobs. Although lately all the admin for putting a show together is forcing me to. Ha!


Please tell us 3 things that inspire you.

1) People and their stories

2) The Arctic

3) Books


Watch Max get some real hang time in this video of his performance in Hamburg: