Cultural Connector Case Study: Anita Adeshina

I’ve made new contacts and now I make the first move, rather than waiting for people to come to me.’

I was inspired to become a Cultural Connector because I love photography and there were lots of opportunities to take pictures. Colour Fest was definitely the biggest highlight; it was really cool to take pictures of all the different colours and to look back at them and see people having fun.

Before CBD I used to take photos for a newspaper on my estate; I never did anything cultural by myself. I’ve attended most of the events that CBD put on and I’ve seen that they have given people in the borough a chance to actually do some active stuff, rather than just staying away in the holidays or going away somewhere. I saw a lot more people than I expected. I’ve made new contacts and now I make the first move rather, than waiting for people to come to me to talk about photography. I’ve made a lot of friends and now I go out more. I’m definitely doing more activities - I didn’t really take opportunities before.

I think the programme has brought more things for people to do together as families. I think Barking and Dagenham is becoming more fun and creative. I think there needs to be more events in the town centre that lots of people will see. I don’t think it would work very well without Helen and Miriam as they are the main promoters for getting people involved. The Cultural Connectors are all very enthusiastic people though, all very bright and positive.