Cultural Connector Case Study: Jaha Browne

‘It’s given people momentum to take action. It’s putting a light on Barking & Dagenham’

It’s opened up doors to other creative minds in the borough. It’s been good to see people come together and do different things, people that I never knew before. It gives you some great things, like access to things that are normally bloody expensive!

It’s given people momentum to take action and be proactive. I think it’s brought a bit of hope that we can actually do stuff and we can get it together. It’s putting a light on Barking and Dagenham, especially Barking, which gets more of the limelight.

I think all the funding stuff is great, but I think the most important thing is the Cultural Connectors. That for me is much more important than an artist getting a commission in the borough. This will leave more of a legacy, having an artist in might change your mind or concept (of art), but having a community of people where friendships can be formed is much more valuable. The events and Cultural Connectors are what create the community. That’s one of the successful factors of the model – the people who have joined. I think now is the time to take it to the next level, people need to start taking the reins away from Helen and Miriam.