Cultural Connector Case Study: Katie Bracher

‘The Cultural Connectors experience has been eye-opening and inspiring’

The Cultural Connectors experience has been eye-opening and inspiring, to find out that so many people locally work in the creative industries. It feels good just to know that other people are there; it improves the quality of community feeling. I’ve been to more things locally because they’ve been happening. I’ve got two children and I’m a single parent so it’s difficult to get out, but I’ve had more opportunities locally to access arts events.

I was pretty involved with Dagfest. I enjoyed throwing lots of different ideas around, for acts and food. I actually named it - Dagfest was my name! A lot of people really enjoy the Cultural Connectors, there’s definitely a social group building up around that. People are getting new skills and experience. I think Barking and Dagenham is becoming a more creative place. It’s on the right track but it was never going to happen overnight. It’s a hard, hard job and CBD have done it amazingly so far.

I still feel like I don’t know most of the Cultural Connectors very well at all, something more structured where I could actually get to know people would be good, like training or workshops for people in a certain field in a structured environment. Even more connecting!