Dagfest Bunting Bonanza 2019

Would you like to help create some birthday bunting to decorate the Dagfest festival’s site?

Get Creative!
Find some fabric, pick your colour for one of the festival zones and create your bunting following the instructions in this video:

Alternatively, you can download an information sheet and follow the instructions.

You can use which ever materials you like, permanent markers, fabric, felt, etc
Drop off your bunting by Friday 31 May at any one of the following locations:

Studio 3 Arts, Boundary Road, IG11 7JR 10am – 5pm Mon - Fri
Room 101 – first floor of the Barking Learning Centre, 10am – 5pm Mon – Fri
Unit 46, Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, 11am – 1pm on Saturday or 6pm – 8pm on Tuesday
Dagenham Library, 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday

You can also pick up your information sheet from any of the venues above.