This year we are inviting YOU to submit your designs and ideas!

Last year the Cultural Connectors selected Random Generator as one of the Community Commissions for DAGFEST. They brought their screen printing carousel to the festival which was a huge success with hundreds of people printing their very own T Shirt on the day. 

The designs were inspired by DAGFEST and the history of the area. Alongside the Dagenham Girl Pipers, there was the Dagenham Idol, the flamingo of Parsloes Park and the DAGFEST logo with ‘Pursue your Originality’ slogan.

This year the steering group couldn't wait to invite Tim and Random Generator back to the festival and they were successful in applying for a stall. But what to print? This year we are inviting YOU to submit your designs and ideas!  

We are looking for your own designs or for you to submit your ideas and suggestions for what you would like to see as a design for a T shirt on the day. 

We are looking for 4 designs in total under the follow categories:

  • Original design: From Children and young people Under 16
  • Original design: Over 16
  • Best ideas and suggestions from existing/archived material.


  • All designs and suggestions must have a connection to Barking and Dagenham and/or Dagenham Village.

 This might be something from the past, the present or the future. It might be a part of the festival programme (we will be making announcements in the next few weeks!) or about the community you are apart of. From the nature to the people to the history.

  • They can be hand drawn/painted/collaged designs. You can submit your own photography or found/archived images from the borough. You can include text as part of your design.
  • The design must be no larger than A5
  • The design/idea/submission must be printable in one single Bold Block colour. For example a silhouette (like the flamingo) or a line drawing. (Link to examples)

Please outline your preferred colour for printing and we will do our best to meet your request!







To submit your own design or your suggestion and idea please follow this link and complete the short form!

(We will ask you for your Name, Email, Contact Number, Postcode and about your inspiration for your design/ idea/suggestion how it connects to Barking and Dagenham. We will also ask for a picture of your design you can upload on the form.)

Deadline to submit by Friday 22nd June at 9am.  

If you have any questions or queries about submitting give us a call on 020 8594 7136 or email

All the submissions (as long as they are suitable and not offensive) will be put to a poll for our Cultural Connectors, including the DAGFEST steering group, to select the top 4 submissions and they will be the ones that can be printed on the day!


  • Wednesday 7th June: Submissions open!
  • Deadline for your ideas and designs is Friday 22nd June at 9am. 
  • CC’s will have until 27th June to choose their top 4 favourites. 
  • We will announce the winners a week before the festival on Saturday 30th June.

Still got your T shirt from last year? we would love to see it! Share your pictures with us on Facebook, instagram and twitter tagging us @creativebandd and use the #DAGFEST2018!