Decision Making and steering groups

One of the objectives of CBD is:

To empower the public to make decisions about cultural provision.

This is achieved through steering group meetings and decision-making panels, in which all choices about the CBD programme are made by the Cultural Connectors, working alongside artistic advisers and local stakeholders.

Cultural Connectors make decisions about which projects and partnerships should be developed and delivered, responding to applications and proposals made to CBD. Cultural Connectors also contribute to steering and focus groups, they attend research trips and help to spread the word to other local residents about what is happening within the CBD programme.

The CBD team broker partnerships, making sure that the context is well-set for decision-making, in terms of the aims of each of the CBD programme strands. The CBD team facilitate decision-making panels and ‘go sees’ - to grow arts experience within the Cultural Connectors network - building a solid foundation of experience, so people are making decisions from a place of having sound knowledge of context and content. 

We have two types of decision-making forums; Decision Making Panels & Festival Steering Groups. To find out more about either of these forums follow this link.