Saturday 15th July 2017

Thank you so much for joining us for this years DAGFEST! We loved having you back in Dagenham Village, with a brand new stage full of music, dance and poetry to street theatre, a super strong lady and a flamingo samba parade finale!

Thamesfest featuring Silk River

16th and 18th September 2017

We had such an exciting programme during 2017, we had a variety of performances, workshops and activities throughout the weekend. The festival weekend lead us into a day of walking through the borough, celebrating the river with our silk scroll created as part of our partnership on Kinetika's Silk River project

Up and Coming Festivals for 2018

After a successful 2017 we are excited to be bringing you three festivals in 2018. As with all of our festivals and events the Cultural Connectors, local Barking and Dagenham people, will be making decisions about the festival programme and activities as well as volunteering at the events and some may even be proposing ideas themselves! Our steering groups are always open for new people to join and get involved so please do get in touch if you would like to find out how.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter, (by volunteering your time, through in-kind or financial support), of any of our ever growing festivals please contact Lindsey for more information.

Look out for paid and voluntary roles working on future festivals.




Saturday 7th JULY 2018

DAGFEST is back in Dagenham Village on Saturday 7th July 2018. Join us from 12pm to 6pm for a day of circus, theatre, dance, workshops and arts and crafts activities alongside delicious food stalls and find out about projects in the area! 

Glow 2018

Coming in NOVEMBER 2018

Do you want to help make GLOW happen next year? Want to support and sponsor the project? Or get involved with programming the festival? Get in touch and email hello@creativebarkinganddagenham.org for more information. 


In August 2017 we brought the Royal Opera House, James Wilton Dance Company, a Bollywood Flashmob and Cardboardia to THAMESFEST at the brilliant Barking Rivergate Centre! This year we want to ensure we are working with local groups, organisations and most importantly local residents to create and deliver something that is owned by the people who live here. We want to work towards a more sustainable festival and are investigating different ways of supporting the festival or a similar activity to continue in the future. Therefore THAMESFEST this year, as we have known it in it's previous form, is on pause at present but watch this space for updates. 

We would love to hear from you, if you are from the local area, have an idea or want to support arts and cultural activities to happen in and around this area please get in touch with Sophie either by email hello@creativebarkinganddagenham.org or call 020 8594 7136. 

Photo credits: Anita Adeshina, Mark Sepple, Jimmy Lee photography