As with all of our programme the Cultural Connectors, local Barking and Dagenham people, will be making decisions about the festivals and activities as well as volunteering at the events and some may even be proposing ideas themselves! Our steering groups are always open for new people to join and get involved so please do get in touch if you would like to find out how.

You could become a supporter of our festivals. We would love to tell you how. Get in touch with Sophie to find out more.

Steering group dates:

DAGFEST Summer Festival - Tues 8th January at 10am // Wed 13th February at 6pm // Tues 12th March at 10am // Wed 10th April at 6pm // Tues 14th May at 10am.

All DAGFEST steering groups take place in Dagenham Village at the Parish church hall on Church Lane RM10 9UL.

GLOW Festival - Wed 9th January at 6pm // Thurs 21st February at 6pm // Thurs 21st March at 6pm // Thurs 18th April at 6pm // Thurs 16th May at 6pm // Thurs 20th June at 6pm // Thurs 18th July at 6pm

All GLOW meetings (unless stated) take place at Eastbury Manor House, IG11 9SN.

FESTIVALS 2017 and 2018


Saturday 15th July 2017

Thamesfest & Silk River

16th and 18th September 2017

As part of a partnership with Kinetika's Silk River project


Saturday 7th JULY 2018

GLOW at eastbury 2018

Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd NOVEMBER 2018

Eastbury Manor House in partnership with Creative Barking and Dagenham Fire Garden and Lantern Festival.

Photo credits: Anita Adeshina, Mark Sepple, Jimmy Lee photography