16th September - 18th September 2017, Rivergate Centre

Inspired by our partnership with Kinetika on the Silk River project, this year the Thamesfest programme will continue to celebrate the river and the communities living close by.

Across Saturday and Sunday the festival will bring new performances to the borough including a physical theatre and dance piece inspired by mythical water creatures, communal dining, workshops, immersive walking experiences and much more! 

On Monday 18th the Silk River project comes to Barking and Dagenham. We are one of 10 locations along the River Thames and we will be welcoming the walking groups and huge silks scrolls to the borough on Monday at 10am starting at St Margaret's Church. Before embarking on a journey through the borough and along the river. Exploring all the stories that have been discovered throughout the project from local people and groups. Come and join us for a day of walking, storytelling and performances.