French company Artonik brought their show 'The Colour of Time' to Dagenham for the finale of the One Borough Community Day. Based on the festival of Holi, The Colour of Time uses coloured powder, dance, and music to bring people together, celebrating unity in diversity. 

The show was seen by our Cultural Connectors last year in Great Yarmouth, and they all had such a fantastic time that they wanted to share the experience with people on their home turf. 

The performers were joined on the day by 40 local dancers, who rehearsed the choreography with some of Barking and Dagenham's professional dance teachers. Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the fun. 

It was a real talking point from start to finish, bringing everyone together with excitement, smiles and laughter. Even after coming away from the event, people would stop and approach us in the streets and on the bus, intrigued by the dazzling display of colours on our clothes.
— Kim - One Borough Show attendee



Thanks to all our volunteers who helped distribute powder and steward the event on the day, as well as our wonderful local dancers who joined in with the performance after rehearsing with our teachers Sharlene, Claire, Beccy, and Courtney.

Photos credited to Anita Adeshina