Chosen by local residents to create this brand new performance, artist Geraldine Pilgrim builds on her reputation for creating amazing performances and installations in unusual places.

Live music, performance and glimpsed images combine to create a memorable experience celebrating the life of one of Barking & Dagenham’s most well-loved workplaces, the Sanofi Factory – also known as May & Baker. 

Made with a professional team and performers from the local community, Well weaves together the history of medicine with the stories and memories of those who worked at the factory. Trace the journey from plant to pill, from sick to well, in a rare chance to explore one of East London’s unique spaces.

Geraldine Pilgrim

Geraldine Pilgrim works across theatre and the visual arts and is known for her evocative installations and site-specific performances in occupied and deserted historic houses and buildings. Working with the history – imagined and real – of a space and often in collaboration with local communities, she specialises in creating installations and performances in unusual buildings and landscapes. She responds to the architecture of the site for inspiration and narrative to reveal the memories and atmospheres that have built up over the years.

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